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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Hise's Stoneclinger Mayfly Nymph- Smhaen Bobbin Holders, Polish Quills, Flymen Nymph Head Evolution Stoneclinger Beads

 Flymen Nymph Head Evolution Stoneclinger Beads
 Orvis 1P2A Jig Hook
 String bead onto the hook and create a tapered thread base 
 Hareline Barred Mayfly Tails
 Add a barred tail on each side and even one in the middle if you so desire
Cut the barbules away from one side of an Ostrich feather barb and secure in place
 Repeat the process and secure the Ostrich barb on the opposite side of the hook
Choose a Polish Quill Peacock Quill for the abdomen
 Secure the Polish Quill in place at the rear of the hook
 Create the abdomen with the Polish Quill and secure in place roughly 1/2 way to the bead
 Deer Creek UV Flex Resin
Coat the abdomen with the Deer Creek UV Flex Resin
 Cure the UV resin for at least 15 seconds
 To create the gills, lay the Ostrich barbs forward along the abdomen and secure in place
 Lay the other Ostrich barb forward and secure in place at the half way point
Golden Pheasant Center Tail
 Pluck 3 barbs from each side of the stem to create the legs
 Secure the first leg in place (tweezers work wonders)
 Repeat the process with the other rear leg
 The rear legs are in place
 Repeat the process with the first middle leg
 In place
 Prepare the other middle leg
 In place
Repeat the process with the forelegs
The last one
All set and ready to go! Whip finish!
Deer Creek UV Flex Resin
 Coat the thorax (top and bottom) to your liking
 Cure the resin for at least 15 seconds
Finished product!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Limnephilidae Caddis Larva- Smhaen Bobbins, Ahrex Hooks, Flymen Nymph Head Evolution Caddis Beads, Montana Fly Minnow Skin

Family Limnephilidae is one of the main lineages of cased constructing caddis and one of the most species rich families of the Order Trichoptera. This huge family of caddisflies appropriately contains huge specimens, like the Western US genus dicosmoecus (giant orange sedge or October caddis). This is an especially important hatch to trout fisherman. Below is one way to create a fishable realistic version of such a larva. Focusing on key morphological features, like gills, legs, head and/or color, help create more realistic representations of everyday patterns. Enjoy!
AHREX NS172 Curved Gammarus Hook
 Flymen Nymph Head Evolution Bead- Caddis
String the bead on the hook
 .020 lead or lead free wire
Wrap the wire along the shank leaving a space behind the bead
 Add a bobbn with Veevus mono thread and a bobbin with Veevus 12/0 thread
 MFC Minnow Skin for the body
 Use a razor and straight edge to cut a 1/8" strip and cut one end at an angle
 Secure the Minnow Skin to the rear and move the thread bobbin to behind the bead 
Deer Creek Flex Resin in white
Coat the lead with the white resin and cure it with the UV light
Palmer the Skin forward to behind the bead, secure, whip finish and do away with thread bobbin
 Awesome Possum Dubbing in creamy yellow
 Create a thin dubbing strand on the Mono thread
 Palmer the dubbing strand through the rear edge of each segment
 VIOLA! Instant gills.
Pick out some of the dubbing with a bodkin or tweezer
 To create the legs, pluck the Golden Pheasant barbs at the stem 
 A pair of quality tweezers are worth their weight in gold
 Secure one leg in place with 2 wraps of the mono thread
 Secure the opposite leg in place
Repeat with the middle pair of legs
 Left side in place
 Tweezers are brilliant as a micro hand
 Middle set is in place
 Prepare forelegs
Left foreleg is in place
 I cant say enough about a good set of tweezers 
The right foreleg is in place
Remix Dub in darkness for hairs and bristles on head
 1/2 a wrap of the dubbing on the underside 
 Trim the excess of each leg
Mark the mono thread and first segment of Minnow Skin 
 Deer Creek Flex Resin to seal the head and create added juiciness
Cure the UV resin for at least 15 seconds